4-layered Neapolitan cake in layers of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla finished with a naked rustic finish of smooth buttercream and freeze dried strawberries.


Serves 20 slices.


The cake is ready to be collected/delivered in 4 working days from purchase date.

Basic Layers (4 layers)

    • The cakes are best consumed at room temperature. For colder weathers (5-20°C), please defrost the cake at least 6-8 hours before consumption. For hotter weathers (21°C and above), please defrost the cake at least 3-4 hours before consumption.
    • Please only cut the cake into pieces directly before serving. The texture of the cake is prone to drying if let out in the open air.
    • Leftovers should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer wrapped in cling wrap and stored in airtight container.
    • We recommend consuming the refrigerated cakes within a week and frozen cakes within six months.