- Bringing edible works of art to life - 

Founded in 2008 by Dewi Kurniadi, Sweet Bloom Cakes is a Sydney-based boutique studio offering custom design, handcrafted cakes, confections and personalised event experiences. 


With her family’s strong background in hotel and restaurant management, Dewi was exposed to the world of hospitality at an early age. Moving to Australia in 2005 and leaving behind her life in Indonesia, she was ready to forge a new path. A former wedding sales and events executive to prestigious hotels, cake design was a natural shift for her. Eager to bring her artistic vision to life, Dewi started Sweet Bloom Cakes as a little side project from home. However, as her clientele increased, she found herself fully immersed in her craft.   


Dewi, a self-taught baker, utilised her expertise in fashion and exposure in the wedding industry, to create edible works of art. Derived from humble beginnings, Sweet Bloom Cakes has now evolved to a business that continually pushes boundaries in cake design.


Fascinated by the movement and magic of nature, Dewi wishes to create this sense of ethereal beauty on her cakes. Together with her team of artists, Sweet Bloom Cakes aim to produce aesthetically beautiful products that taste delectable for clients to enjoy on their special day. We believe truly artistic design comes from inspiration and a thoughtful process, which can’t be mass-produced or copied. We ensure that all our clients carry with them a one of a kind experience. 

We pride ourselves not on beauty of each product, but also the unparalleled taste. Our signature cakes, confections and desserts are all made with love, created from the highest quality ingredients. 

Dewi Kurniadi
Founder & Creative Director

Meet The Team


    Brenda Zhuo

    Pastry Chef & Executive Assistant



    Wedding Cake Sales Representative

    Cake Artist


    Ignasia Ivana

      Production Manager & Pastry Chef


      Lauren Croghan

      Marisca Santosa