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1. A Humble Beginning

Updated: May 15, 2020

WELCOME and a big, warm hello to you - thank you so much for joining us. This is our first blog piece ever and we are excited to take this step with you, our online cake & Sweet Bloom community. This is going to be an exciting journey behind the scenes of the little studio in Sydney; we call our Sweet Bloom Cakes home. So first, a little introduction into how it all began…

Dewi Kurniadi, the Founder & Owner of Sweet Bloom Cakes arrived in Sydney, Australia back in 2005. Newly married and eager to work, she set out to begin working in cafes, retail & kitchens. Her professional background as a sales executive in Jakarta, Indonesia was event & wedding management focused in large-scale, prestigious hotels. Here, she would organize & delegate to a large team to execute successful large events with over 1000 attendees. In Sydney however, her professional background did not help to secure the same line of work – did I mention she did not speak a lot of English at this stage? Eager to learn, she set herself the task to improve on her English language by talking to others, listening and watching within her new world.

Her language barrier did not hold her back, she proved to be such an excellent worker, that she quickly was employed in 3 different roles all at once. Although navigating her new life in Sydney was challenging, she never stopped moving forward. Her determination to create was embedded within, waiting like a seed ready to sprout. The opportunity rose for her to start baking whilst working in retail, a little side hustle to ignite the creative senses. A favourite pastime turned into a creative obsession and flourished into a busy artistic side project from home – the dream was becoming real.

FAST FORWARD to 2020 and Sweet Bloom Cakes is a successful boutique cake art studio, with a solid team of cake and dessert creatives, prestigious clientele & successful edible art trends that continue to push cake design boundaries. What once started from humble beginnings in a home studio has now prospered into a thriving design studio of the edible dessert kind. The magic of thoughtful, artistic design has become our reality.

During the current climate of today (Covid 19 pandemic related) we still strive to provide a service that is special and decadent. The true ethos of the Sweet Bloom Cakes brand is accurate; True artistic design comes from inspiration and a thoughtful process, which can’t be mass-produced or copied. We strive for this in everything we do. Creating edible art and a special, unique experience is what we believe in. Moving forward, the SBC (Sweet Bloom Cakes) brand has developed to provide unique, small event cakes and confectionery items available for purchase online. This is a service that hopes to provide a streamlined process for last minute home gatherings, special gifts and small events where a full-blown customised cake is unattainable. The quality and taste is the same - but we are offering new, exciting flavours exclusive to the online shop collection. Sleek, simple and delicious. Take a little look in our online shop post blog read to suss it out for future orders – it might be just what you think you need ☺

Thanks again for popping in. This is going to be an exciting journey we can embark on together. Our blog space is going to be a new avenue for exclusive behind the scenes content, design creation and a look inside the baking process. We hope to share personal stories, take you inside special events and share with you some special recipes from the Sweet Bloom kitchen. Exciting right? We are tickled pink you stopped by to check it out. Can’t wait to share with you something special in the coming weeks…stay tuned for the next instalment in our blogging journey!

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