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2. The Start of Something New

Hi again, we are back for a specific, special circumstance today and boy are we excited to share it with you. The Sweet Bloom Team have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare an epic experience, available for you to purchase and VERY unique to the SBC brand. It has been close to a year in the making, to get the product exactly right and on point with the high quality of our Sweet Bloom standard. Do you want to know what it is?

We are beyond thrilled to introduce our first ever Sweet Bloom Cakes branded TOOLS – specifically, buttercream art palette knives! YES, that’s right – the EXACT art palette knives we use to create our signature painted buttercream art. You can now learn to paint with buttercream and practice in your very own home, creating edible art for your friends and family to WOW at. It’s so much fun, trust me.

We have created our own special palette knives for a number of different reasons:

1. Food Grade Safe

Our palette knives are made from stainless steel so they will not rust (like the Art shop knives) and are safe to be handled with food materials.

2. Flexibility

The thickness and movement of the blade is imperatively important to create specific strokes and textures for buttercream painting.

3. Shape and Length

The specific length of the stainless steel blade, neck and joins + handle are helpful in allowing the wrist to control grip and keep a comfortable handle for maximum flexibility when working. The shape of the blades allows the maker to create different strokes.

4. Handle material

The treated wooden handle allows a soft grip for best hand positioning to work with and is sealed so it won’t split or fall apart when wet.

5. They look GOOD!

Don’t they? All shiny and new, complete with the Sweet Bloom Cakes branding!

The SBC Studio has been eager to launch these new tools with our creative community and feel that it’s time and we are ready to share. The tools themselves can be used on a number of different edible mediums such as cake, buttercream, ganache, chocolate, desserts, meringue and fondant just to name a few. The possibilities are endless. We encourage you to play, experiment and practice different techniques with boundless creativity – maybe in time you could teach us something new! Maybe savoury is your style and you incorporate the painted texture into your creations – who knows? We just want you to have fun and try. These tools are specifically made to the high Australian food safe standard so are suitable as safe palette knives for you to have fun with. GO NUTS!

In conjunction with the launch of the Buttercream Palette Knife tools, we decided to present something else original from the SBC brand - “Create it yourself” Cookie Canvas packs. In light of the current world situation, we thought about providing a creative outlet for people to learn new skills, a reflective time to create and express oneself during time of difficulty or isolation. The Cookie Canvas project was born in a time of change, but positively in light of the need to slow down, reflect and take time to create. We have 2 different packs you can choose from, both with buttercream colours x 4, our signature painting tools x 3, blank canvas cookies (baked in our kitchen) with fondant for you to paint upon. Please see below for pricing:

Palette Knives $99 Cookie Canvas Tool Pack $220

We are NOW taking pre-orders for both Cookie Canvas packs and the Buttercream Tool pack – please inquire with us via our website to secure your order. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. That is all for now: Stay tuned for the next Blog instalment for some tips and tricks in painting with buttercream, creating colours and edible flower products to enhance your creations.

Signing Out,

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